Matchmaking & advisory service for cross-border deals involving China

Global Network

  • 13,300+ direct members (companies, governments, universities and nonprofit of which 40% are from China)
  • 1,000,000+ members from the CGA global network
  • experts and consultants from different countries and industries
Sample Transactions
  • Advised CRCC on its successful bid for the 165km railway project between Jakarta and Bandung (US$5.5 billion)
  • Introduced a Chinese state owned meat importer to a Spanish beef producer (order amounts vary)
  • Located a Chinese manufacturing partner for a French high-tech wastewater treatment startup with capital investment (US$10 million)
  • Brokered the sale of Silk Road photo album (a collection of 250,000 photos taken by the renowned National Geographic photographer Michael Yamashita) to a Chinese private enterprise engaging in the Belt & Road Initiative (US$1.5 million)
  • Advised Reignwood Group on a US$ 20 billion industrial park in Indonesia, comprising multiple coal plants, steel mills, shipyards and ports
  • Guiding a Spanish media company to find an investor in China
  • Guiding a French film producer to find investors for his well-known city-themed franchise (e.g. Shanghai, I Love You)
  • Working with a US aircraft maker to find a Chinese manufacturing partner
  • Working with an Argentinean winery with its business development in China
  • Working with a successful Chinese businessman (who has invested in an European soccer club) and an Argentinean soccer agent to organize friendly games between the national teams of China and Latin American countries
Membership Benefits
  • access to investors, experts and government agencies worldwide
  • promotion of service and projects on CGA
  • host and attend events
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