Annual Investment Meeting 2014, Dubai

Date: 8 - 10 Apr 2014

The Annual Investment Meeting 2014 offers a variety of features aimed at facilitating strategic networking while, providing a worthwhile learning experience. AIM 2014 features include:

  • AIM Opening Ceremony
  • AIM Conference
  • AIM Ministerial Roundtable
  • AIM Exhibition
  • AIM Country Presentations
  • AIM G2B Meetings
  • AIM B2B Express Meetings
  • AIM Investment Awards
  • AIM Capacity Building Workshop

AIM Strategic Networking Functions

  • AIM Gala Dinner
  • National Cocktail Receptions
  • Coffee and lunch breaks

Benefits for Investors

Participants at the Annual Investment Meeting will gain invaluable insights in international investment policies and best practices in response to the prevailing world economic situation and opportunities therein including:

  • Analysing country-specific investment potential
  • Assessing the risks attached to investing in a given country and gathering strategies to help insulate investment
  • Review the country’s FDI regulatory and institutional framework, fiscal regime, incentive packages, foreign business operations and cultural environment
  • Building reliable investment portfolios while changing primary investment locations
  • Identifying investment options in a transitioning economy
  • Forming strategic bonds with government institutions presenting projects
  • Determining country-specific FDI dynamics
  • Review investment performances and ROI opportunities
  • Defining actionable strategies to better understand complex investment decisions
  • Exchanging lessons learnt & best practices from top private & public investors
  • Diagnosing high performance potential in overseas investment opportunities
  • Devising comprehensive investment plan to remove obstacle and avoid blind spots
  • Seizing PPP and PFI options

Attached: AIM 2014 Preliminary programme for general info

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