Expo Build Russia

Date: 12 - 15 Apr 2016

Exhibition society «Ural Exhibition» invites you to take part in the XII international specialized exhibition «Realtor activities. Real Estate. Foreign property 2016» in Yekaterinburg. It will be held in Russia for the first time in the form of the forum, Expo Build Russia.

Exhibition aim: to provide full information about Russian and foreign construction and real estate markets; to organize business B2B meetings and discussions with professionals in the sectors of development and realtor activities, sectors of bank and insurance services; property and taxation; to develop and strengthen business cooperation between partners from Russia and abroad.

It’s worth accenting: the project is under official support of the Government of Sverdlovsk region. Work of the forum is based on discussions of the current situation in construction sector and the sector of realtor activities in Russia by experts of the brunches at the corresponding presentation of its innovative components.

The role of this project consists in updating of its events taking into account recent trends in the Russian and world economies for the purpose to modernize and increase the branches efficiency.

Exhibition sectors:

  • urban development and architecture
  • construction (manufacture)
  • construction materials and tecnologies
  • building machinery
  • highways development
  • public utilities/public engineering
  • realtor activities
  • science and education

Forum partiipants:

Chiefs of the federal ministries and departments, scientists and experts from regions of Russia, CIS- countries and far abroad, businessmen, members of non-government orgnizations.


LLC «Ural exhibitions» Tel./fax: +7 (343) 378-19-05 la@uv66.ru www.uv66.ru +7(922)103-97-47+7(922)103-97-47

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