Enterprise Greece

Date: 17 Jul 2012

Enterprise Greece is the enlargement of Invest in Greece S.A.—incorporating, among others, the mandate of the Hellenic Foreign Trade Board—to a new and innovative outward-looking body. Enterprise Greece is the official agency of the Greek State, under the supervision of the Ministry for Development and Competitiveness, to promote investment in Greece, exports from Greece, and make Greece more attractive as an international business partner.

Enterprise Greece is designed to assist foreign investors and enterprises to do business with Greece, to contribute to the outward looking orientation of the Greek economy, to attract foreign investment, to troubleshoot issues related to the public administration, and to provide key investment and business information. Enterprise Greece promotes the entire gamut of investment sectors in which Greece excels.

In addition, it is to promote Greek products and services to the global marketplace. Enterprise Greece helps Greek businesses reach new markets, find new business partners, and become more competitive and attractive.

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