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Date: 18 Nov 2015

Asia Pacific Daily (APD), a convergence platform of new-media covering news of China and the Asia-Pacific region, was launched by the Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau of the Xinhua News Agency in July 2012, and it has witnessed rapid growth since its inception. APD is an initiative in Xinhua's efforts to promote the integration of traditional as well as new media and implement its new media development strategy. Today, APD has a great variety of media products, including news websites in both Chinese and English languages, the Free Trade Zones (FTZ) Observer website, news reader apps, news services through social media platforms (WeChat, Weibo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and LED screens, in-train TV shows, and printed special issues, etc.

The Chinese and English websites of APD, running thirteen and eight channels respectively, provide a comprehensive look at the political, economic, cultural, business and educational news in the Asia-Pacific region. APD pursues multimedia storytelling, featuring a combination of texts, photos, video clips, audio graphics and interactivity. It has classified news into sections like “Views from Foreign Media” , “Hong Kong Media Headlines”, “Xinhua Express”, “Asia Headline”, and has set up columns such as ”the True Stories of Afghanistan”, “Once Upon a Time in Pyongyang”, “Cultural Omnivore”, “A Journey to the West”, and “Special Report”. It also has several country-specific channels, such as Chinese websites of Australia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and DPRK and English websites of Japan, Thailand, Nepal and Vietnam.

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