Date: 14 Feb 2017

REDmoney Group

REDmoney Group is the foremost global provider of specialized Islamic financial media services across three core divisions of events, publishing and seminars. Established in 2004, the firm has offices in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur: offering an unrivaled multichannel service across the full spectrum of the global financial markets. The outward-facing arms of the REDmoney publishing and events portfolio are supported by REDmoney seminars, which provides access to industry-leading expertise from the best in the field, offering practical insights on technical and strategic aspects of Islamic finance to dealmakers, regulators and intermediaries in core and developing Shariah compliant markets.

REDmoney Group covers the full range of global markets: from emerging Islamic economies across Africa and Asia to industry leaders such as Malaysia and the GCC along with developed nations in Europe and the Americas seeking to enter the sector. The company offers unequaled access to the elite of the industry: with relationships built up over a decade of trusted communication with market leaders to provide a detailed network covering every aspect of Islamic financial services.

REDmoney events

REDmoney events designs, organizes and hosts industry-leading conferences, forums, roadshows, seminars and dialogues focusing on the Islamic financial markets across a global, regional and national level. Leveraging an exceptional network of the industry’s elite and supported by the expertise of the REDmoney publishing and seminars divisions, REDmoney events are able to provide access to a unique array of influential speakers, panelists and participants from a cross-section of the global industry to debate the most significant issues affecting the Shariah compliant financial markets today. REDmoney events are differentiated by their complimentary yet qualified attendance structure, ensuring the highest quality of both delegates and contributors. Comprehensive and cutting-edge, attendance ensures exclusive access to the leaders in their field across all sectors and markets. The annual IFN Asia Forum has been the biggest event in the industry since its inception in 2006, attracting over 1,000 delegates annually. An annual lineup of Forums are also conducted across emerging markets and key jurisdictions. Included under REDmoney events are the IFN Deals of the Year Awards ceremonies, which take place annually in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur, and attract more than 800 industry leaders.

Islamic Finance news

Islamic Finance news (IFN) is the company’s principal publication. IFN is a digital, subscription-based publication available online and through smartphone and tablet applications. Published weekly, the journal provides exclusive and comprehensive coverage of the global Islamic financial markets through in-house analysis and expert external contributions; in addition to a daily news service, additional quarterly supplements and a variety of special annual issues.

Differentiated by a decade of trusted relationships across the industry, IFN is able to leverage an unrivalled network of contacts and connections to provide unparalleled insight into the issues affecting global Shariah compliant markets: along with in-house analysis, news, interviews, reports, industry and sector data, and much more.

With an archived website containing over 60,000 exclusive reports, the IFN portfolio also hosts a suite of proprietary tools including the industry’s largest interactive terminology glossary, a directory of over 4,000 global Islamic financial institutions and a portal to Islamic Banking Intelligence, the most comprehensive source of segmented Islamic banking financial data.


“Very informative, covering a wide range of topics with industry leaders emphasizing again Malaysia's vision to be a global leader in Islamic financing.”

Shell Refining Co (FOM)

“An excellent annual meeting of Islamic finance players from different organizations.”


“This event provides good exposure to current issues and solutions in Islamic finance for the attendees.”

AmIslamic Bank

“Overall, a very comprehensive coverage of all Islamic finance matters.”

Port of Tanjung Pelepas

“The event presents an opportunity for brief insights into the Islamic finance industry and current views, which are instrumental to market players.”

AsiaPacific Advisory Services

“A comprehensive and highly educational event that is power-packed with information.”

Philip Capital

“This event provided useful insights on the practical issues and, to some extent, the solutions to challenges facing the Islamic finance industry.”

Permodalan Nasional

“A good event to understand the latest developments regarding Islamic finance. The forum also provides opportunities to network.”

Takaful Malaysia

“An event that is very informative for all parties. Not to be missed.”

Jabatan Akauntan Negara Malaysia

“I am impressed with Malaysia's efforts to become the hub for Islamic finance and it seems they are already successful.”

Foreign Institutional Investors Association (FIIA) Korea

“The forum was wonderful as it acted as a catalyst to increase awareness and understanding of Islamic finance and its practices.”


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