Solving E-commerce Obstacles in LatAm: Payments and Logistics

Date: 25 Jul 2017

E-commerce is growing at 21% a year in Latin America—but that’s not even close to its real potential.


Because of two major problems that hold back e-commerce in the region:

The Beginning—Limited Payment Methods

The End—Delivering the Product

This free webinar brings together a panel of experts to look at both payment and logistics obstacles in LatAm e-commerce—and offer some practical ideas for overcoming them that LatAm payments leaders, logistics/supply chain professionals, digital marketers and e-commerce specialists can explore.

Speaker Roster

Lindsay Lehr-Senior Director, Payments Practice (Americas Market Intelligence)

Fernando D’Alessio-Co-founder and CEO (

Diego Rodríguez-Co-Director, Logistics Practice (Americas Market Intelligence)

Felipe Iván Campos-Supply Chain Product Engineer (FedEx)

Moderator-Managing Director (Americas Market Intelligence)

Time 12:30 PM EST | 9:30 PST

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