Debtwire Australia Restructuring Forum

Date: 24 Oct 2017


08:00 Registration

08:30 Opening remarks

08:35 Panel discussion - Case study: Slater and Gordon

Following two years of legal strife, a deal has been reached in the Slater & Gordon class action between the law firm and its shareholders. This panel discussion will dive into the details of the case to explore the settlement process and environment for such actions in Australia.

  • While a settlement has been reached, is this the end of the litigation process?
  • Post-settlement, what’s next for Slater & Gordon in terms of restructuring?

09:35 Panel discussion - Case study: Ten Network Holdings

Ravaged by debt, television broadcaster Ten Network has been placed in voluntary administration after losing support from key financial supporters. With the future of the TV network uncertain, this panel will discuss the latest developments in the case and the future of the beleaguered media company and its debt struggles.

  • What scenarios are likely to play out if Ten Network is unable to secure further financing or find a buyer after current funding runs dry in August?
  • Is this an isolated case of runaway debt or more indicative of industry trends and distress in the media industry?

10:35 Coffee break

11:05 Panel discussion - Case study: Boart Longyear

Rescue efforts Boart Longyear have put the drilling company back in court as it puts together a recapitalization plan. This panel will analyse this ongoing legal battle, its impact on major and minority shareholders and the possible outcomes for all parties involved.

  • How will the result of the decision relating to the scheme of arrangements in the Boart Longyear case impact those proceedings, its restructuring, and other such cases in the future?
  • What does the Boart Longyear case tell us about the rights of various classes of shareholders in Australia?

12:05 Panel discussion – From the trenches: Lessons learnt in restructuring

Australia has witnessed unprecedented turns of events in some of the country’s recent insolvency and restructuring cases. This panel will discuss the implications of such developments on the evolution of Australia’s restructuring landscape.

  • What do recent and ongoing restructuring cases show about the efficacy of DOCAs and creditors’ trusts as restructuring tools in Australia today?
  • What are the implications that come with different changes of administration for insolvent companies in Australia, and what are some of the issues that could arise with each?

13:05 Networking lunch

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