A Capacity-Building Workshop by SWFI

Date: 08 April 2018

We are pleased to invite you to the AIM Pre-Conference Workshop to be held in partnership with the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute (SWFI), the world’s leading provider of data and research on sovereign wealth funds, pensions, and other asset owners.

AIM 2018 Pre-Conference Workshops, a series of interactive presentations will be presented and facilitated by a faculty of global FDI experts. It will be an enriching experience designed to provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of investment-related topics. The informative approach of business facilitation will be combined with a tactical review of operational requirements through practical case studies.


Deep Dive into Sovereign Wealth Funds and Long-Term Asset Owners.

Join Michael J. Maduell, President of the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute, for a practical examination of state-owned investment funds and their role in managing national resource revenues and long-term pools of capital. Attendees will be guided through a number of challenging topics and normative standards, including the following:

  • The historical development of sovereign wealth funds and long-term pools of capital, and their rise in twenty-first century global financial markets as a source of stable, countercyclical, long-term returns.
  • A breakdown of the different types of sovereign investment institutions.
  • An overview of the various mandates and policy objectives under which public asset owners are established, including: macroeconomic stabilization, wealth diversification, precautionary savings, intergenerational sharing of temporary resources, and advancement of sovereign political interests.
  • An analysis of how sovereign funds develop investment philosophies, strategies, and models that leverage their unique endowments.
  • An examination of corporate governance structures and best practices, and the integration of environmental and sustainability considerations.
  • A look ahead at emerging trends in sovereign asset owner investment and portfolio composition, and their influence on global economic integration, capital market development, and promotion of responsible investment practices.

To register for the Pre-Conference Workshops by SWFI, please email: info@aimcongress.com or irene.obarra@aimcongress.com.

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