Sustainable Development Goals Half Day Workshop

Date: 26 Sep 2018

Sustainable Development Goals half day Workshop

Learn how use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to assess your project or organisation’s impacts. This half day hands-on workshop will be run jointly with thinkstep and will teach you how to identify the most material SDGs to your project or organisation. You will hear from thinkstep, ISCA and Lendlease who will share their insights and outline how to lead the way in implementing the SDG’s though your organisation or project.


Learn a practical process to use the Sustainable Development Goals to assess the materiality of your project or organisation, and how to develop a sustainability or business plan to contribute to the SDGs.

Aim of the workshop

  • Get inspired to use the SDGs with practical examples
  • Learn from industry examples
  • Apply SDGs in hands-on workshop
  • Hear how SDGs can inform your materiality assessment and strategy
  • Find out how SDGs support constructive stakeholder dialogue
  • Explore how to use the goals to set targets for your organisation

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