Ctrip to spend RMB 100 million to promote skiing in China

Date: 18 Dec 2018

Ctrip announced the formal launch of the "Ctrip 300 million user skiing program", and said it will spend RMB 100 million in 2019 for the promotion of skiing in China.

Compared with other countries, skiing is not a popular sport in China. Austria has 36% skiing population, 5.9 times skiing per capita, Japan has 9% skiing population and 2.5 times skiing per capita, while China has only 1% skiing population and only 1.08 times skiing per capita, which contains huge market potential.

For the huge business opportunities of the ski industry, the company said that it expects 700 contracted ski resorts in 2019, two million people will be able to book skiing through Ctrip, and there will be a flow 50 million people through the app. In order to achieve this goal, the online travel agency has platform signed a cooperation agreement with Huaxue Zoo, a domestic ski Internet service platform.

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