Applying Blockchains to Financial Services

Date: 27 Feb 2019

As the price of crypto-currencies continue to fall and countless token values hit zero, it’s important to focus on the innovation taking place behind the scenes. In the first half of this one-day program, we will not only explore the fundamental principles of data storage and network effects, but will also look at how distributed ledgers are evolving. From layer two solutions and the introduction of new consensus protocols to the evolution of tokens and how they have outgrown their utility as security assets and stablecoins take centre stage. In the second half of the day we will take a closer look at use-cases that are benefiting from blockchains by exploring the business processes involved in implementing these new and emerging technologies.


Upon completing this training, participants should be able:

  • Differentiate between crypto currencies, tokens, blockchains and distributed ledgers
  • Describe how technology such as big data and Internet of Things (IoT) are interconnected to blockchains
  • Evaluate and compare specific tools that can be applied to the participants need
  • Understand how distributed ledgers can be used for smart contracts and in particular, Islamic financial products
  • Apply blockchain technology in day to day business and financial use cases
  • Implement those use cases with the right set of tools for the right jobs

This course is designed to be of most benefit to:

  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Product Development
  • Marketing
  • Product Delivery & Distribution
  • Management
  • Support functions such as Finance, HR and Risk Management

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