Why Australia: Benchmark Report

Date: 17 Apr 2019

Since 1992, Australia has benefitted from uninterrupted annual economic growth.

Its AAA sovereign risk profile, security and location at the nexus of East and West make it an ideal partner for trade, investment and collaboration.

Australia offers a powerful combination of plentiful natural resources and a sophisticated services sector backed by a highly educated labour force. Its ability to adapt to change and instability in the global economy has enabled Australia to achieve success across a range of industries.

Australia is renowned for its resources sector, upon which Asia continues to rely to help fuel its industrialisation. The nation’s agricultural commodities and premium food are in high demand by global consumers, as are its tourism, education, wealth management, healthcare and professional services.

As a leading education provider, Australia is attracting students and talent from around the world to its globally ranked universities and research and development institutions, which focus on creating and commercialising new ideas.

Multinational companies can bene t from Australia’s network of free trade agreements, strong business and cultural ties with Asia, and longstanding trade, investment and research links with Europe and North America.

In an uncertain world, Australia remains a safe and secure place to invest and do business.

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