Tridium signs agreements with Chinese universities

Date: 20 May 2019

US-based engineering hardware and software company Tridium announced Friday a number of partnerships with Tianjin universities aimed at developing internet of things (IoT) talent.

The company, a Honeywell International Inc subsidiary, signed a memorandum of understanding with Tianjin University during the third World Intelligence Congress held in Tianjin.

It also signed an agreement that will deepen the integration of industry and education with the Tianjin Institute of Software Engineering.

The partnership between the company and Tianjin University focuses on developing IoT products and programs with advanced technologies.

It will support the integration of industry, university and researchers to accelerate the practical application of scientific research, and provide internship opportunities to employ graduates.

Tridium and the Tianjin Institute of Software Engineering will work together on an engineering class, build an open innovation laboratory called T-Lab and form an internship base, along with collaborating on teaching and research.

They will also jointly establish a committee of innovation and entrepreneurship experts and implement the T-Star partner innovation growth plan.

With the rapid development of IoT, enterprises need new technologies and systems to process large amounts of IoT data, and the demand for IoT talent has been increasing.

It is predicted that China's IoT industry will exceed 1.5 trillion yuan ($217.2 billion) in value in 2020.

In the next few years, the demand for IoT talent will be more than 200,000, but the number of IoT graduates is fewer than 100,000 per year.

Liu Yongze, general manager of Tridium Asia Pacific, said: "Tridium hopes to build a better platform for all parties in the industry through its own innovative technologies and accelerate the cultivation of professionals in IoT."

"I am very pleased to have in-depth cooperation with two universities in Tianjin, so that the college students related to sensing, automation, computer and IoT can learn the world's leading open technology of IoT in a more direct way, and deepen the integration of industry and education," Liu said.

Source: China Daily

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