​Swiss Business Awards and Gala Dinner 2019 in Singapore

Date: 19 Oct 2019

For third time, SwissCham Singapore will honour Excellence in People & Skills Development. This Swiss Business Award was successfully launched in 2017 and attracted various entries from the business community in Singapore.

It's our aim to celebrate member companies or other Singapore based companies with a strong Swiss link who have achieved exceptional success, developed innovative and new technologies, partnerships, showed excellence in social behaviour and entrepreneurial success over the past years. Special consideration will be given to successful people management and skills development.

The Award Ceremony will take place during SwissCham’s Gala Dinner on October 19th, 2019 at Singapore Island Country Club (SICC).


In today’s fast paced knowledge economy, talent is not only critical, it’s also scarce. For many companies, finding and retaining talent are top priorities, yet many companies still struggle to fill key positions. An effective way to attract and retain talent is to create an environment where talented people can develop. Swiss companies have a longstanding and successful tradition to actively support the training and talent development of their employees. The importance of continuously investing in people and foster a culture of constant enhancement and lifelong learning is also reflected by the latest initiatives by the Singapore government.

In this spirit, each year, we want to award a company who has demonstrated excellence in attracting, training and developing talent in Singapore. This is not an exclusive task for large multinationals but should be a core strategy for all firms no matter what size or industry.

SwissCham invites you to nominate either your own company, a fellow member or any other Swiss company operating in Singapore you believe is a leader and role model in this discipline. The nomination is as well open to Non-Swiss companies; a strong link to Switzerland, however, is required.


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