Industry 4.0

Date: 07-08 Sept 2020

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The 4th Industry Revolution has begun. Unlike the steam that power our factories in the first revolution or the mass production model that dominating the second or the emergence of the computer driven system from the third revolution that we are living today, Industry 4.0 is about CONNECTIVITY.

As previous industry revolution was led by innovations in manufacturing processes and systems, the advancement of industry 4.0 will be driven by a smart, interconnected pervasive environment. The opportunities for disruption are huge and those left behind will fail acutely. There will still spaces for leaders of this new revolution to emerge. But the race is already started. Understanding what the leaders are doing will help you to join them.

The hosting of the inaugural Industries 4.0 Conference and Exhibition 2019 (Industries 4.0) is set to provide an interactive platform to discuss the opportunities offered by disruptive digital technologies to increase productivity, and access to services and markets in manufacturing and supply chain management. This will be an unparalleled meeting place for decision-makers, manufacturing and production managers, digital leaders, and other business professionals to share knowledge and experience in optimising the production in the age of technology.

The conference represents a unique opportunity for learning, exchanging opinions, and expanding one’s network enabled by live presentations followed by dynamic networking sessions – providing the attendees with valuable insights from specialists in the sphere of digital technologies.

Key Themes of Industries 4.0

  • Key Components of Factories of the Future
  • Disruptive Technologies in the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • IIoT, Artificial Intelligent, Big Data, AR & VR, Sensors, 3D Printing, Robots, Machine Learning
  • Digitalisation of Supply Chain Management
  • Smart Logistic & Warehousing
  • Advanced Manufacturing Management Systems
  • Investment in R&D
  • New Business Models
  • Cross disciplinary themes
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