Global Rubber Conference 2019

Date: 12-14 Dec 2019

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Natural Rubber 2.0 : THE GAME CHANGER

The trillion-dollar question: What does it take to revive the Natural Rubber economy? Could the Natural Rubber 2.0 be the ultimate game changer for the new NR economy? These alluring questions will be dissected and discussed at the 15th Global Rubber Conference, amidst the current backdrop of the fourth industrial revolution where convergence of artificial intelligence and data technology as new solutions to address innovation gaps and grapping low demand for NR across the globe. From drones to satellite images and sensor technology, the natural rubber industry is poised for a radical change.

Technological innovations such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, the Internet of Things and robotics are reshaping the way cultivation and harvesting is done, whereas, artificial intelligence and connected automation have caused new concepts to emerge such as electric and aerial mobility, 3D printing, clean energy and industrial applications which require new NR materials. On the manufacturing front, manufacturers of rubber products and rubber processors will have to choose whether to stay-put or hop-on onto the industry 4.0 bandwagon.

The 15th Global Rubber Conference (GRC2019) set to be hosted in Hainan, China from 12-14 December will be one of the most exciting events that is much awaited for by everyone involved in the rubber industry globally.

Adopting a comprehensive theme on ‘Natural Rubber 2.0: The Game Changer’; GRC2019 is a prestigious international conference meant for a global audience and is dedicated to high level discussions on the market determining forces and development strategies for the rubber and rubber-products industries internationally.

Co-organised by Confexhub Group and China (Sanya) Public Diplomacy Institute, this conference is designed to supports the growth of the rubber industry by delivering objectives, accurate updates and latest R&D to conference delegates and provide an excellent platiorm to discuss commercial prospects and opportunities and better understanding on the rubber market pricings.

As the only platform that brings together the regulatory authorities and commercial players of the rubber and rubber-products, it has been proven to be highly successful in its objectives to facilitate the exchange of ideas and insight into the global rubber industry and the price discovery of rubber.

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