2019 NEXT China Conference

Date: 21 Nov 2019

Photo provide by SupChina Inc.

NEXT China is your opportunity to stay at the leading edge of what is happening in China — in your industry and at large — so that you and your company can realize the opportunities of these dynamic and challenging times.

How to strengthen working-level ties

NEXTChina will be a day of learning, engaging, and connecting with China-focused professionals about the ties that bind and the trends that define the relationship between China, the U.S., and the world.

The morning will be comprised of workshops focused on specific industries and led by best-in-class China experts.

The afternoon will feature panel discussions and keynote talks with decision makers and leaders.

What you’ll take away

  • Actionable strategies for the next billion-dollar opportunities in China
  • Insider knowledge of the big changes taking place in China
  • Foreign investment law changes
  • Foreign non-profit law changes
  • Trade war outcomes
  • Access to world-class experts in small groups of peers
  • A network of visionaries, decision makers, and working-level experts
  • A pipeline of clients, new hires, or peers to 10x your China opportunities

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Standard tickets are $500 but with the NCCGA code you will have access to tickets that are: $400

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Also, special to our conference this year that your network may appreciate is our 7 breakout sessions focused on how developments in specific industries in China affect those industries – and people's careers – outside of China. Areas of focus include:

  • Environment and Technology (led by the California-China Climate Institute)
  • Healthcare (led by Deloitte)
  • Digital Marketing (led by Ping Pong Digital)
  • Legal Services / Regulatory Change (led by KingWoodMallesons)
  • Non-profits and Corporate Philanthropy in China (led by the Serica Initiative)
  • Supply Chains (led by Dragon Innovation)
  • Chinese Global Investment -- Belt & Road Initiative (most likely led by Refinitiv)

Conact Info: Jesse@supchina.com

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