The 6th China NPL Investment and Restructuring Summit Forum

Date: 23-24 Apr 2020


Since the global economy and political environment are currently undergoing deep changes, IMF forecasts thatChinese economy growth in 2020 will keep falling back, and will be still at the bottom of the operating stage. In thisyear, three goals will be "finished", so keeping stably growth is very important, and it is expected that countercyclicalpolicies will maintain "deterministic growth" in the uncertainty of economic environment. With the strong supportingstrength still kept by supervision to dealing of NPL of commercial banks, in 2020 the special-mentioned loan willchange in focus way, which results in that NPL of commercial banks will rapidly grow up to the top. The supply side ofNPL expands to the fields such as non-bank financial institutions NPL of non-bank financial organizations, the bailoutof crisis companies, the dealing of breaking debts, etc. which will bring more opportunities and challenges to thespecial asset industry.

The 6th China NPL Investment and Restructuring Forum, an annual grand industry event sponsored by Total Finance,will be held from April 23 to 24, 2020 in Shanghai, and the cutting-edge legal academy and industry assets with regardto three main subjects including "bailout of crisis companies, release regional risks, investment for special opportunitywill impact on the 2-day forum. The summit takes deeply analyzing “Big NPL” operation, enhancing the value of assetsand enterprises, clearing out inefficient and ineffective assets, etc. as current important topics, and sincerely invitesgovernment supervision leaders, home and abroad well-known institutions, and industry leaders to gather inShanghai, in order to jointly research and discuss the bailout of crisis companies and removal of financial risks, andjointly promote the orderly and healthy development of Chinese special opportunity investment industry.

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