The Impact of Coronavirus on E-Commerce in Latin America

Date: 26 Mar 2020

Even though confirmed cases of coronavirus in Latin America are relatively low (Brazil had the largest amount, with 200 as of March 15), it’s clear that the amount will rise.

With differing policies in place across the globe, it’s difficult to say how bad things will get — and how quickly the virus will spread.

Undoubtedly, all of us are feeling the effects of the virus on our businesses, for the most part, negatively. E-commerce is one vertical that may experience a lift. While online travel spend is sure to decline, retail e-commerce and digital services may surge as consumers change their behavior to cope with the virus in the coming weeks.

While the exact impact may be difficult to predict, and this webinar will explore the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on e-commerce, specifically:

  • Travel, both abroad and domestically
  • Whether the demand for online sales for physical goods will grow or drop and how consumers will react
  • If online orders for groceries and health products will go up—and if the supply chain can hold up to meet the demand
  • Issues surrounding payments in Latin America and their impact on e-commerce, such as low credit card penetration, the prevalence of cash, and more

Register now to obtain expert perspectives on these issues to help you adjust your 2020 plans and handle the challenges of COVID-19 on LatAm e-commerce.

12:30 PM EST | 9:30 AM PST

Time in Other Countries:

Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay: 1:30 PM

Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador: 10:30 AM

Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama: 11:30 AM

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