Italy - a light at the end of the tunnel?

Date: 18 May 2020

Italy is switching to the second part of Phase II and lockdown measures shall be mitigated starting from today, May 18.  Further to the publication of Law decree May 16 2020 no. 33  and  decree May 17 2020 the Government has lifted the lockdown within each Italian region.

This means that people will no longer need to justify the reason for being outside – a justified reason and self-certification is required only if travelling to another region and until June 3. After this date, it will be possible to travel within Italy without limitations.

Most businesses are allowed to reopen (Restaurants, bars, cafes, hairdressers and shops) as long as they are able to respect social distancing (a set of rules has been agreed for the businesses that will reopen, such as distance required from one client to another, face mask-wearing, etc.).

Regarding the rules for travelling to/from Italy the new decree confirms the measures already in place (travel only for health needs, work requirements, reasons of absolute necessity; 14 days quarantine and report to local health authority obligations; this measures, however, do not apply to certain categories of travellers such as cross-border workers, health services personnel, transport crews, EU/Schengen countries citizens/residents with documented work reasons, etc.) but only until June 3 when it will be possible to travel freely (without being subject to quarantine obligations and without the need to justify the purpose of travel) from/to the EU and Schengen countries (and also the UK).

In fact, starting from June 3 travel limitations will be lifted for travels to/from EU and Schengen countries, UK and Ireland, Andorra, Monaco san Marino and Holy See. Form June 3 to June 15 travel limitations remain in place only for travel to/from other countries not listed above unless it is for documented work reasons, an absolute necessity, health needs or to travel back to the place of residence.


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