JC’s Speech at the CODA Sino-Greek Forum

Date: 10 Jun 2020

Good morning to our friends in Greece and good afternoon to our comrades in China!

ChinaGoAbroad (or CGA) is honored to have match – made this online forum with our long-term partner China Overseas Development Association (CODA) and our Greek member Belt and Road Associates.

We highly appreciate the presence of ministers from Greece in China as well as the support from the 2 national governments for the event by mobilizing precious resources at a time when the whole world is battling the coronavirus pandemic.

Without question, the forum is a bold online initiative aimed at promoting the bilateral investment and trade relations between our two countries as Covid-19 continues to rage and cripple the global economy. We certainly also hope that this precious opportunity will further facilitate business ties between China and Greece.

First, please allow me to say something about CGA. It is an online and offline advisory body which TransAsia Lawyers co-founded about 8 years ago with the support of CODA under the guidance of the National Development and Reform Commission which is a government agency under the State Council but above the various ministries. CGA prides itself on being the first Chinese-English bilingual membership and investment intelligence aggregator which has pulled together over 1 million members and subscribers globally. To supplement this dynamic online community, CGA also operates an offline consultancy offering bespoke and exclusive services such as matchmaking, legal and other professional services needed for cross-border investment.

We are lucky to have talented and long-standing partners in many global jurisdictions. One excellent example is our efforts in collaborating with our local partners in Indonesia to assist China Rail ultimately winning the bid for the Jakarta–Bandung rail project ahead of Japan Rail which had begun to lay the groundwork in Indonesia 5 years ahead of China Rail. Today we continue to work closely with our various country partners and industry experts from across the globe.

Please allow me to take this opportunity to briefly describe some of our key projects at present, and for each of which we also have a shareholding interest:

1. Fire extinguisher bomb: we are working with a safety and security technology firm based in Hunan province for the international marketing of its fire extinguisher bomb, which provides the first solution to wildfires that have become a worldwide calamity.

2. E-Wellness: this is a healthcare platform which offers a QR code that quickly checks your Covid-19 health status for interpersonal social distancing. We are assisting the developer with the international promotion of this platform.

3. Lithium battery: we have paired up with a battery maker to stimulate the sale of its high-performance lithium-ion batteries which provide more efficient, environmentally friendly and economical battery solutions.

In closing, I wish you a productive forum. Thank you.


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