Date: 15 Jun 2020

Digital Health Record provides peace of mind for you and your family

As the world gradually returns to normal and traveling begins to open up, health is one topic that will be on everyone’s mind.

Whenever your health condition, language, or location is an issue, E-Wellness ID, your personal digital health record, offers you and others instant access to crucial information.

Key information such as emergency contacts, health professional contacts, insurance information and other health-related information is stored and accessed when you need it most.

It also offers COVID Status declaration where it verifies your current health status with a date stamp generated when you last update it. It’s an easy and modern way of showing that you are able to interact with others in a COVID-free manner.

Access is instant via a QR code or an URL link! In addition, you will have your individual E-Wellness ID card, with instructions in multiple languages for easy reference.

Giving You a Peace of Mind: At Home and Abroad

  • Quick access via QR code/url link
  • Confidential Centralized Portal
  • Unlimited Updates

E-Wellness ID (FREE)

Have your emergency contacts and basic health information uploaded onto one portal, allowing instant access during crucial moments.

E-Wellness ID (Premium)

Enhanced platform where additional personal, health and insurance information can be uploaded for easy access with a single scan/click when you need them.

How do I access my information?

  • Quick access via a QR code and URL link.
  • Your E-Wellness QR code will be sent via email while your URL link will be sent via email and SMS.
  • Download your E-Wellness ID card, with instructions in multiple languages and carry it in your wallet/purse.

Using your COVID Status Card

With social distancing becoming a norm, use this as your "digital handshake" - giving you and others a peace of mind.

  • Access your COVID Status via the URL link or QR code.
  • Send your COVID Status to others prior to meeting.
  • Show your COVID Status displayed on your smartphone when meeting others.
  • Request others to present their COVID Status to give you a peace of mind (verify their latest status update).

Using your QR Code

  • Save the QR code to your smartphone or desktop.
  • Use the QR code to access your personal profile and COVID STATUS.
  • Send the QR code to others via text/WhatsApp/WeChat to verify your COVID status.


Sign up an E-Wellness ID for your children, parents, and loved once so there is a peace of mind whether they’re at home, at school, or away at a distant destination.

To register or for more information, please visit ewellnessid.com.


Free Digital COVID STATUS CARD gives you a peace of mind for safe re-opening

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