The New COVID Consumer in Latin America

Date: 25 Jun 2020

In early June 2020, AMI and EchoMR combined forces to survey over 2,000 Internet-using adults in Latin America about how COVID-19 has changed them as people and as consumers. On Thursday, June 25th, in a widely broadcast webinar, we will reveal the ‘new normal’ of online consumer habits across Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia.

Our research of quarantined Latin Americans analyzed five segments of online consumers:

  • Newbies – made their first online purchase during quarantine
  • Retreaters – online share of regular purchases has gone down during quarantine
  • Maintainers - online share of regular purchases has remained the same down during quarantine
  • Adapters – online share of regular purchases has increased a little
  • Disruptors – online share of regular purchases has increased a lot

Close to 20% of those surveyed in Mexico and Colombia experienced their first e-commerce transaction during quarantines. These ‘Newbies’ are now the focus of attention of marketers who have been waiting for these markets to catch up to Brazil. 59% of online consumers in Brazil increased their e-commerce activity under quarantines as they purchased products online that they previously only purchased via traditional retail channels.

COVID has created a robust and viable digital marketplace in Latin America but it has also induced fear of health risks (78% of respondents) and fear of loss of income (84% of respondents). Those fears combined with the empowerment of online shopping has created dramatic changes in when, what and how shoppers will make their next purchases across over two dozen categories that we surveyed.

Join us as we reveal the ground-breaking results of our comprehensive survey, fresh from the global epicenter of the coronavirus crisis.

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