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Date: 19 Jun 2020

YEE MENU provides a hands-free, touch-less digital platform that maintains physical distancing while enhancing the dining experience for your diners.

It is an easy and modern way of showing that you are able to interact with your diners in a COVID-free manner and give you and your diners peace of mind by providing instant access to all your menus via a QR code!

It’s more than a menu!

YEE Menu’s versatile platform allows for a wide range of applications in addition to being a menu.

Data analytics with user tracking gives restaurants useful information to fine tune your advertising and marketing campaigns - giving you more value for the money spent.

With links to social media channels, YEE Menu makes it easy for your diners to share pictures and your menus to their friends instantly; thereby, increasing followers for your restaurant.

In addition, place this QR code in your advertising materials so that new diners can make a reservation or call your restaurant with links imbedded in your YEE Menu. To make it even more convenient, the menu may be presented in any language of choice!

For more information about our company and current clients list, kindly visit: or contact us at

We hope that this service will provide additional support to your business during these challenging times.

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