Climate Bonds Conference 2020

Date: 8-10 Sept 2020

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Climate Bonds Conference2020 in September is a must-attend online event for anyone looking to play a role in shaping the global green finance agenda in this new decade.

While we’ll be marking how far green finance has progressed in the last ten years, our gaze is firmly fixed towards 2030.

At Conference2020 you’ll be a part of:

  • Exciting panel discussions in English with live interpretations in Spanish, Russian, Mandarin and Japanese with the most influential sustainable investment, ESG & green finance specialists
  • Using an award-winning event app you can watch the sessions on your desktop or on your mobile
  • Gaining insights into transition solutions, green finance markets and green growth outcomes
  • Understanding regulation directions to support harmonisation and mainstreaming green and climate investment in global and regional financial systems
  • Making your own contributions, building a shared understanding on a 2020s agenda of change, of urgency and action in scaling up mitigation, adaptation and resilience investment to trillion-dollar levels

Climate Bonds Initiative will mark its 10th Anniversary in 2020

Over the last decade, Climate Bonds has worked to mobilise the largest capital market of all, the $100 trillion bond market for climate change solutions.

Much has been achieved in our first ten years. Yet the challenge remains undiminished and the climate emergency grows.

Covid-19 has provided a stark pointer to the disruptive impacts of the future & the importance of strengthening social adaptation and resilience.

The crisis has also shown that governments, regulators and the financial sector can respond far more quickly in change policy previously thought possible.

Let’s apply that lesson to Transition.

At Conference2020 the Climate Bonds vision for the next ten years - the Transition Decade - will be open for online discussion and debate amongst investors, asset managers, policymakers and civil society stakeholders.

Will you join us?

2020 will also mark the fifth occasion of our Green Bond Awards, the most prestigious international acknowledgement of leadership and innovation in green bonds and green finance market development. Since 2016, 132 organisations and individuals have been recognized as pioneers for their contributions to green finance.

Welcome to Climate Bonds Conference & Awards 2020.

This year’s edition of our annual event will highlight our 10-year vision for climate bonds: the Transition Decade. Climate Bonds Initiative will bring together global green finance leaders to discuss the climate emergency and address long-term perspectives on transition. We will dive into 6 core topics featured across 12 sessions spanning 3 days:

  • Action on financing climate resilience
  • Transitioning from brown to green
  • Enable trillions of dollars investment towards zero carbon
  • Creating momentum
  • Developing standards
  • Identifying pathways for new investment pipelines

Our goal for this conference is to accelerate the transition and build trillions in green and climate investment.

Who is attending:

  • Bond Issuers: established and potential of Green, Climate or Sustainable bonds - Eligible for a concession pass
  • Investors: Asset Owners and Managers? - Eligible for a concession pass
  • Public Sector Organisations & Government Funded Institutions - Eligible for a concession pass
  • Development & Corporate Banks
  • Capital Markets Professionals, Verifiers, Underwriters, decision-makers and more!

In 2019 we had just over 900 people from 55 countries - see below an image that illustrates our audience's profile last year:


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