Breakfast Seminar – Workplace Mental Health, the key to high preforming teams post-COVID

Date: 11 Sep 2020

The economy was already on the down with many businesses not doing so well, 2020 brought the COVID crisis slamming the hammer on our fingers, and setting many of our businesses back. Many are now working under more pressure, feeling insecure with jobs at stake. The current situation confronts managers and business leaders with many unprecedented challenges. How can companies continue to motivate their workforce and build high-performing teams in this environment?

Mental wellness of your employees is one key – but how does a company implement workplace mental health initiatives? And why does it matter?

SwissCham Beijing in collaboration with BenCham have invited Ms Enoch Li, Managing Director of Bearapy, a workplace mental health organizational consultancy and training company, to talk about mental wellness strategies for businesses. She will share the challenges that companies face in this aspect, and recommend ways for this dialogue and strategy to take place at the organizational, team, and individual levels. She will use case studies from her work to showcase what other organizations have done and how they have benefited.



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