NEXTChina 2020: A new era in U.S.-China relations?

Date: 11-12 Nov 2020

By the time this online conference happens, one week will have passed since the U.S. election, and the fate of the world’s next four years will have been sealed. What will the results mean for China? What will they mean for the world? This year’s NEXTChina will gather some of the world’s leading experts on all things China to discuss how the U.S. presidential election results will reshape the next four years of geopolitics and business.

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Schedule Of Events

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November 11th

The Next 4 Years of Geopolitics

11:00 AM Opening Keynote by Craig Allen, President of the US-China Business Council

11:15 AM - PANEL

The Next 4 Years of U.S.-China Relations


The New Tech Cold War

12:45 PM - PANEL

The Environment: Collaboration or Confrontation?


A Sinica Live Podcast

2:15 PM Closing Keynote by Governor Jerry Brown

November 12th

The Next 4 Years of Business

11:00 AM Opening Keynote by Bill Ford, CEO of General Atlantic

11:15 AM - PANEL

Innovations In Digital Finance and How They Will Change the New World Order

12:10 PM - PANEL

China’s Investments Into the Global South

1:05 PM - PANEL

The Cross Border Investment Bubble Has Popped. What is Next in U.S. – China/Global Investment?

2:00 PM Closing Remarks

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