Chile is the most attractive country for investment in renewable energies

Date: 29 Dec 2020

Chile took first place out of 108 emerging economies and 29 developed countries in the Climatescope 2020 report of Bloomberg New Energy Finance. In other words, it tops the list of the most attractive countries for investment in renewable energies.

Its position this year represented an improvement on 2019 when it ranked second. In 2018, Chile also led the ranking, climbing from seventh place in 2017.

Energy Minister Juan Carlos Jobet welcomed the results of the international report, pointing out that “this recognition positions us as the most attractive country for investing in clean energy, demonstrating the robustness of the energy sector and our regulatory framework.”

The report notes that Chile was the country that received the fourth largest amount of investment in renewable energies, with an inflow of over US$14,000 million. It was headed only by Brazil, India and Mexico, all large economies.

The ranking, which considers 123 indicators and compiles data about 108 emerging countries, also highlighted the solidity of Chile’s energy policies and its ambitious goal of generating 70% of its power from clean energies by 2030.

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Source: Emol, Climatescope

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