The 3rd Connected Aircraft China Congress 2021

Date: 3-4 Jun 2021

【Event Background】

The satellite Internet is classified as one of the "new infrastructure" information infrastructure by the National Development and Reform Commission. As an important application scene of satellite communication, the aviation Internet in the field of civil aviation has a broad development prospect. All countries around the world have carried out long-term and extensive exploration of aviation Internet. The United States and Europe with relatively mature development of civil aviation industry have successively launched ATG, Ku, Ka and other technical solutions, and formed a broad market space and a profound user base in the recent 10 years. With the continuous improvement of China's civil aviation development level and the gradual opening up of relevant regulatory policies, China's aviation Internet will usher in a great development, and accelerate the formation of a sizable value cluster in the upstream and downstream industries.

In recent years, aviation airborne communication has gradually shifted from ATG to Ku/Ka with high throughput. The constantly improved network bandwidth and service capability fully meet the increasingly rich in-flight needs of users and bring them more convenient and rich in-flight Internet experience. At the same time, the constantly emerging application scenarios of aircraft forward cabin and rear cabin communication strongly support passenger use and flight control and management requirements, and give rise to numerous upstream and downstream demands such as content production and distribution, equipment manufacturing and maintenance, and intelligent service, which play an obvious role in pulling and driving the industrial demand. The international aviation Internet market is becoming saturated, and the domestic market has huge development potential. The size of China's civil aviation industry fleet keeps growing, and the scale of airborne network demand is huge, which is expected to drive the Asia-Pacific region to become the world's largest aviation Internet market.

【Hot Topics】

1. Measures to Promote the Development of In-flight Interconnection of China's Civil Aviation

2. Inflight Internet in the New Infrastructure Era

3. Influence of 5G and 6G on Inflight Connectivity

4. The New Generation of Aircraft Operation - Integrated Ground-Air-Space E-service Platform Application

5. 5G Air-to-ground Interconnection Solution to Improve Inflight Connectivity Economy

6. Cockpit Interconnection and Joint Operation Optimization

7. Business Operation Model Innovation Combine with Upstream and Downstream Enterprises in the Industrial Chain

8. Optimization and Upgrading of Ka Band

9. Business Mode Exploration after Inflight Connectivity Access in China Southern Airlines

10. Construct Inflight Connectivity Ecosystem, Reduce Internet Cost

11. On - board Local Area Network Optimization Upgrade and Management

12. Performance Improvement of ATG Communication System Based on 5G

13. How Does BAT Help Airlines on Its Future Digital Road

14. Development Direction of Future New Local Area Network System

15. Predictive Maintenance of Future Connected Aircraft

16. Proliferation Evolution of Full Fleet Coverage and Cockpit Applications

17. Challenges and Opportunities in the Modification of Domestic Connected Aircraft

18. On-board Network Data Management and Security Protection

19. Changes and Optimizations on Airborne System Functions from Air-to-ground Interconnection

20. Digital Transformation Solutions for Smart Aviation

21. Air-to-ground Interconnection: Information Infrastructure Evolution from the Next Generation Network

22. How does Tiantong Satellite System Contribute to Intelligent Civil Aviation  Localization

23. JetWave Satellite Communications System - A Breakthrough Satellite Communications Solution for China Market

24. How to Continuously Optimize Passengers' In-flight Experience


【Hosted by】

Shanghai Society of Aeronautics

Civil Aircraft Operation Support Technology Sub-committee of CSAA

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COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design And Research Institute

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COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co., Ltd.

Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd.


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