Sustainable Financing in China 2021 - Webinar Series

Date: 18 May ; Jul; Sep 2021

Euromoney and GlobalCapital Events will host a second series of high-level, live, interactive panel discussions on China’s green and sustainable finance markets. These will take place between May and September, providing a regular platform for the global SRI community to convene, raise questions, debate and take actionable guidance on the key developments in these markets.

China has a key role to play in the development of the sustainable finance market both for its own investment needs and those of its international partners. This series will address the extent that China can lead the transition finance and sustainability linked markets to fund and encourage reductions in emissions from industries that will take longer to decarbonise, the role of the Belt and Road Initiative in the developing world’s adoption of green standards, and what the Chinese financial system can do to better integrate sustainability factors into the decision making process.

The sessions will feature leading market participants including issuers, investors, bankers, ESG experts, rating agencies and other relevant industry bodies.

3 Part Webinar Series - Key Themes

  • 18 MAY 2021 Transition finance: is perfect the enemy of good?
  • JULY 2021 Exporting best practice: China’s role in the growth of green in the developing world
  • September 2021 Green: the new credit. How can banks fully integrate green considerations?

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