AIM Africa Conference

Date: 29 - 30 Jun 2021

The AIM Africa Conference will provide in-depth insights, best practices, and ideal investment policies that will help the African region to build stronger and more resilient post-COVID economies. Leaders and specialists from the investment community will lead the virtual discussions to explore relevant topics about AFRICA’s economic outlook.


AIM Africa Day 1 - 29 June 2021

  • Keynote Address – Africa Unlocked: Innovation & Sustainability as the Drivers of Economic Growth
  • Africa’s Economic Response to the COVID Crisis – An Expert Overview
  • Game Changer: African Continental Free Trade Area – Roundtable Discussion
  • Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) Session: The Key Role IPA’s Need to Play to Attract Sustainable Investment
  • AIM Inspirational Talk : Interview with a Prolific African Business Leader
  • Unlocking Africa’s ESG Investments
  • Women in Investment: Investing in the Future of Africa
  • Chinese Investment in Africa – Outlook

AIM Africa Day 2 - 30 June 2021

  • MNCs making substantial investments in Africa – The Experience
  • Interview: Race to become a “Unicorn”
  • De-risking the establishment of SMEs through Credit & Finance
  • Startup Finance for Inclusive Economic Development
  • High-Tech Urbanization of the overpopulated African Metropolis – The Future Possibilities
  • Spotlighting the possibilities of Foreign Investment in Africa to support the Startups
  • Institutional Imperfections impacting the growth of SMEs in the African continent


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