The Global Investors' virtual series on securitisation in China – Episode 3

Date: 24 Nov 2021

China's Asset-backed Securities (ABS) market has become the world's second-largest with growing and maturing auto loan ABS, as well as new opportunities in REITs, bank securitisations, and emerging infrastructure PPPs and green auto loans. With more than $200 billion in annual issuance, the Chinese ABS market represents a unique opportunity for those seeking yield and volume.

In this third series of webinars, we will focus on how to attract more investments into the post-pandemic Chinese economy – infrastructure development, support for SMEs and a much-suffered supply chain through new securitisation deals, including publicly offered REITs.

With a potential market volume of 3 trillion yuan for REITs securitised assets alone, what are the risks and caveats of tapping into this hugely promising market? Join Chinese regulators, issuers, and global investor speakers and immerse yourself in the discussions uncovering new insights and nuances of the domestic Chinese ABS market!


Securitisation in the post-pandemic economy – where to next?

Key government policies for post-pandemic financing of the real economy and the role of securitization

What regulatory strategies are being adopted by China to attract more foreign investment into the domestic ABS market?

How has Covid pandemic changed supply chain securitisation in China? What are the current pitfalls, e.g. defaults?

Are ABS the right funding source for SMEs?

What has been the market response to the first public REITs in the infrastructure sector? Are underlying assets a sufficient draw to investors?

Risks vs. returns for investors in public REITs securitisation in a growing economy


Yu Jiang, Associate Director, China Institute of Finance and Capital Markets; Member of Ad Hoc Working Group on REITs of China Securities Regulatory Commission

Guo Jiequn, Head, Ningbo China Institute for Supply Chain Innovation

Zhiming Li, Managing Director, Executive Head of ABS, Investment Banking Department, China International Capital Corporation

Syril Pathmanasan, Senior Vice President, D.E.Shaw & Co (London)

Elliot Wilson, Greater China Editor, Euromoney

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