Webinar: Credible Transition for Chemicals: New Climate Bonds Standard Criteria

Date: 06 Apr 2022

Join us for an exclusive look at the new Climate Bonds Standard Criteria for Low Carbon Basic Chemicals – Opening for public consultation!

12:30 London / 13:30 Paris

Wednesday 6 April

This webinar offers investors an exclusive look at the new criteria for the basic chemicals sector, and provides an opportunity to get involved with the public consultation process. 

Chemicals are part of most consumer goods that we use every day and are a critical feed of other industrial processes. The chemical sector is one of the biggest industries in the world and the largest industrial user of energy, accounting for 30% of energy consumption. It also represents around 5% of total global GHG emissions. 

The Basic Chemicals Criteria will form part of the Climate Bonds Standard and provide a succinct set of decision rules for determining when basic chemical projects and assets are compatible with a low carbon, climate resilient economy, and are eligible for certification under the Climate Bonds Standard. 

Join our expert panel of speakers as we discuss how to finance the transition of the basic chemical industry to a net-zero economy. 


  • Moderator Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative
  • Marian Rodriguez, Sustainability Analyst, Climate Bonds Initiative
  • Elias Martínez, Technical Lead Basic Chemicals Criteria
  • Fredric Bauer, Associate senior lecturer in Technology and society; Researcher at the division on Environmental and Energy Systems Studies, Lund University.
  • Kristin Marshall, Senior Research Associate at Lux Research
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