Law Update | Issue 347 | The Future of Retail and Consumer

Date: 20 Apr 2022

This is a sector that has been challenged over the last two years, businesses were cut off from consumers, staff headcount cut and in some instances business closure. We can still recall the deserted malls and empty shops. 

However, the retail community showed its resilience and through the tough time shifted its business model by embracing a more agile approach, using technology, and adapting to new retail trends to help connect with their consumers. Although the last two years have been challenging, the retail sector started its comeback in early 2021, and has successfully rebounded. The sector continues to enforce its status as a key contributor to the regional economy and given its journey and evolution across many fronts, we have dedicated the focus articles within this Law Update to the Retail and Consumer sector. 

This edition will provide you with insights on a broad range of pertinent subjects that provide an up to date guide on matters such as; the Future of Retail, Consumer Protection in Oman, and Retail in Real Estate. Our lawyers also provide insights on how retailers need to balance personalisation with data privacy, and we have an article that provides insights into Shopping in a Metaverse. This is only a snapshot; there are many more articles within the Retail & Consumer focus section for you to read, which we hope you will find valuable and enjoyable.

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