New Exhibition: Roy Wright Woodland

Date: 29 April - 28 May 2022

Roy Wright

The Summer Leaves Have Started to Fall II, 2021

charcoal on paper

92 x 113 cm (36 x 44 in)


For Roy Wright the woodland is a place of contemplation and healing power. Wright’s drawings result from hours of sustained looking in the woodland followed by ‘obsessive’ sketching, before any mark is made on the final design.

With his masterly handling of charcoal - myriad marks applied with surprising speed and consummate assurance - Wright builds up images that combine extraordinary detail with a vivid naturalism. His trees appear almost to rustle in the wind. The restrained monochrome of these charcoal-on-paper images brings into focus the textures and rhythms - and, indeed, the iconic individuality - of each extraordinary tree.

Roy Wright in the studio

Featured Contributor

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