World Islamic Finance Dialogues 2022

Date: 05 Dec 2022

The Dialogues

Islamic finance is deeply rooted in the Middle East, a region that continues to shape the modern Islamic finance industry globally. Commanding the lion’s share of global Islamic banking and finance assets and wielding enormous influence in the industry, the Middle East has always been an integral part of IFN.

Covering the region since 2004 and organizing industry-leading events in the Middle East since 2008, IFN returns to the region in 2022 with a series of high-level, closed-door, unique events combining its globally recognized gatherings with the much sought-after and acclaimed Dialogues.

Taking on a new design and following the hugely successful IFN Thought Leadership Dialogues in Dubai and the IFN KSA Dialogues in Riyadh, both in June 2022, both of which received overwhelmingly positive feedback from speakers and delegates, we now bring you the World Islamic Finance Dialogues. in partnership with BIBF.

BIBF plays a vital role in the training and development of human capital in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Their commitment to excellence has strengthened their position as the top provider of quality education across all major business disciplines.

The collaboration between IFN and BIBF to bring you the World Islamic Finance Dialogues in Bahrain promises to deliver the best of both worlds – IFN’s experience in producing world-class Islamic finance events, and BIBF’s knowledge and access to the entire local market.

The World Islamic Finance Dialogues is a series of extended discussions among leading regulators and the industry’s elite, gathered to discuss and identify the sector’s most pressing issues as well as emerging opportunities.

Seated around a round table, with selected observers, each 10-person Dialogue will run for approximately 2 hours.


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