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Date: 27 Apr 2023

Switzerland and China have a long-standing bilateral relationship and strong economic ties. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted many channels of communication. As the world is slowly recovering from the pandemic, Swiss government officials and businesspeople are now re-connecting with their Chinese counterparts and re-shaping their relationships. What are the main challenges in the process?

The event series aims to create a platform for an exchange of views on the state and perspectives of Sino-Swiss relations in the fields of diplomacy and business. It will create an opportunity for dialogue between the private sector represented by two Swiss companies and the public sector represented by the Swiss Embassy.


  • The event will consist of three parts – a briefing by the Swiss Ambassador, companies presentations, and a panel discussion.
  • Ambassador's Briefing: A presentation by the Swiss Ambassador to China, discussing the current status of the bilateral relationship between Switzerland and China, and their future perspectives.
  • Companies Presentations: Two Swiss companies operating in China will share their experiences in re-connecting with business partners and headquarters and their views on doing business in China.
  • Panel Discussion: A moderated panel discussion with the Ambassador and the business representatives discussing the future prospects and challenges in bilateral relation­ship between Switzerland and China.
  • The event will close with a flying lunch or dinner, where participants can further network and share their insights and experiences with the guests and the Ambassador.

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