Business & Diplomacy Briefing

Date: 27 Apr 2023

At our Business and Diplomacy Briefing on April 27th, you'll gain valuable insights into China's economic development and what it means for Swiss MNCs.

Our expert panel, featuring top executives from Ambassador, ABB, and Novartis, will delve into important topics such as China's high-quality development and key megatrends impacting China today and in the future.

You'll also gain valuable insights into how digital industries are expected to grow in China and how Swiss MNCs can take advantage of opportunities arising from China's dual carbon goals.

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1. Swiss Ambassador Briefing 

2.Lars Eckerlein Vice-President of ABB Briefing

3.Chen Xiaojing Vice-President of Novartis Briefing

4.Panel Discussion 

-Juerg Burri, Swiss Ambassador

-Lars Eckerlein, Vice-President of ABB 

-Chen Xiaojing, Vice-President of Novartis 

5.Exclusive Lunch with Swiss Ambassador 

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