Market Regulation and Best Practice Showcase on Consumer Products

Date: 25 May 2023

We are delighted to invite you to our first upcoming Market Access and Regulation event on May 25 from 15:45 to 17:30 at Yale Center Beijing. Remote access will also be available.

As we all know, market access is a key issue for Swiss SMEs seeking to do business in China. While the Chinese market offers many opportunities, navigating its complex regulatory landscape can be a challenge. To help Swiss companies succeed in this environment, the Market Access and Regulations Committee of Swisscham China is hosting a workshop on "Market Regulation and Best Practice Showcase on Consumer Products".

The event will feature three expert speakers who will share their insights on market regulations and best practices for establishing and developing a brand in China. First, Jia Xufeng, Chair of the Market Access and Regulations Committee, who will introduce the new committee and share her expertise about market access and regulation for SMEs in China.

The Second speaker Julia from Cellcosmet will walk us through her best practices on establishing a brand in China while sharing her knowledge on navigating the complex regulatory framework in her field.

The Third speaker, Claudia from CHEERS will present the exciting opportunities and challenges she has encountered as a Swiss entrepreneur entering the Chinese market and creating her own brand. After delivering their presentations, the speakers will participate in a panel discussion moderated by Jia Xufeng. During the discussion, they will share their perspectives on the opportunities and obstacles related to market access and regulation, and respond to inquiries from the attendees.

Naturally, the committee's primary objective is to assist Swiss SMEs in China. If you have any inquiries or insights to share, please feel free to contact In order to ensure that this event is as informative as possible, we kindly request that you submit any questions you may have before its conclusion, so that we may prepare appropriate responses in advance.


15:45-16:00: Registration

16:00-16:10: Introduction on market access in China

16:10-16:20: Speaker 1: Jia Xu Feng (Chair of the Committee) - Market access and regulation outlook for SMEs in China and introduction of the new committee

16:20-16:30: Speaker 2: Julia from Cellcosmet - Best practices in establishing a Swiss brand in China.

16:30-16:40 Speaker 3: Claudia from CHEERS – Regulatory challenges in developing a Swiss Brand in China

16:40-17:20: Panel Discussion and Q&A

17:20-17:40: Networking and exchange

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