Second Workshop on Economic Outlook 2023

Date: 19 Jun 2023

We are delighted to extend a cordial invitation to our esteemed guests for the second workshop of the year, an opportunity for SwissCham Members to continue the discussion on economic affairs with the Swiss Embassy. This exclusive event, organized by SwissCham, will be hosted by Mr. Martin Matter, the Head of the Swiss Embassy's Economic, Finance, and Trade Section.

Following the success of our first workshop earlier this year, where participants shared a broad range of perspectives on the 2023 economic outlook, SwissCham is committed to keeping you well-informed and to jointly developing a deeper understanding of the business development opportunities in China.

During the event, our program will commence with a concise presentation by Mr. Matter, focusing on Swiss investment in China and key factors that are likely to influence such investment in the future. This presentation will set the stage for an engaging roundtable discussion that encompasses not only investment but also the business climate more generally.

The roundtable will foster an environment conducive to the free exchange of ideas, where participants from both the Swiss Embassy and SwissCham can actively participate, raise questions, and share opinions. To ensure the confidentiality and authenticity of these discussions, no recordings will be made during the event and the Chatham House Rule[MNM1] will apply.

We eagerly anticipate your presence and active participation in this distinguished gathering. Kindly reserve the date, and further information regarding the venue and detailed agenda will be provided in due course.

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