Italian Immigration Updates

Date: 06 Oct 2023


Italian government has announced a cap of 450.000 on the number of workers from outside the EEA allowed in Italy for 2023 – 2025. The decree, dated 27 September 2023, has been  published on the Official Gazette of October 3rd , 2023.

For the year 2023, 136.000 quotas are available.

Applications for subordinate permit applications for subordinate work reserved to citizens of countries that have cooperation agreements with Italy can be submitted starting from 9am December 2nd, 2023. The rest of  subordinate permit applications can be submitted starting from 9am December 4th , 2023 while Seasonal work permit applications can be submitted starting from 9am December 12th , 2023.

Quota categories

The 136.000 quotas are to be allocated amongst the following categories:

  • 82.550 quotas for Seasonal Work in the sector of agriculture; hospitality and tourism industry  reserved to certain nationalities

53.450 quotas (of which 52.770 for subordinate work – work as an employee and 680 for self employment)

  • In the sectors of freight transportation on behalf of third parties, building, hospitality and tourism, mechanics, telecommunications, food, shipbuilding, transportation of passengers by bus, fishing, hairdressing, electricians, plumbers:
    • 2000 for citizens of countries that promote media campaigns regarding the risks resulting from involvement in irregular migration
    • 25.000 for the following nationalities. Albania, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bosnia-Herzegovina, South Korea, Ivory Coast, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Philippines Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Jordan, Japan, Guatemala, India, Kirghizistan, Kosovo, Mali, Morocco, Mauritius, Moldova, Montenegro, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Republic of North Macedonia, Senegal, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tunisia, Ukraine,
    • 12.000 for citizens of countries with which Italy will have cooperation agreements
    • 100 quotas (employee/self-employee). For employed or self-employed work. Reserved to foreign nationals who have Italian ancestry and reside in Venezuela
    • 200 quotas (employee/self-employee). For employed or self-employed work. Reserved to stateless persons and refugees
  • 9.500 quotas for workers in the family care and support services.
  • 500 quotas for self-employment for:
    • entrepreneurs intending to implement an investment plan of interest for the Italian economy, involving an investment of at least € 500.000 and creating at least 3 new jobs in Italy
    • Freelancers/independent contractors who intend to practice: regulated or controlled professions (i.e. individuals belonging to a professional association or enrolled with an official/public register) OR professions that are not non-regulated but are considered representative at national level and included in the lists edited by the Public Administration
    • Holders of corporate offices or administrative/controlling positions (any of the following: Chairman, CEO, Member of board of directors, Auditor) in an Italian company, active since at least 3 years (requirements set in Visa Decree May 11, 2011 n.850)
    • Foreign citizens who intend set up innovative start-up companies, under certain conditions and who will have a self-employment relationship with the start-up
    • internationally well-known and highest repute artists, artists of recognised high professional qualification or artists who are hired by well-known Italian theatres, important public institutions, public television or well-known national private televisions (requirements set in Visa Decree May 11, 2011 n.850)
  • permit conversion – for non-eu nationals already in italy/eu
    • 4.000 quotas – from seasonal to standard work permit. For conversions of seasonal work permit to standard, non-seasonal work permit (as an employee).

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