Roadmap to a Credible and Ambitious Transition

Date: 21-23 Nov 2023

Climate Bonds Initiative's new 'Roadmap to a Credible and Ambitious Transition Training' 21, 22 and 23 November 2023

Time: 8:00am - 11:00am GMT (London)

You can consult the time based on your time zone below:

  • 09:00am - 12:00pm CET (Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Johannesburg)
  • 1:30pm - 4:30pm IST (New Delhi)
  • 3:00pm - 6:00pm ICT, WIB (Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta)
  • 4:00pm - 7:00pm HKT, SGT (Hong Kong, Singapore)
  • 5:00pm - 8:00pm JST (Tokyo)
  • 7:00pm - 10:00pm AEDT (Sydney)

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Format: Live Virtual via Zoom

Requirements: Good foundational knowledge of the Green, Social, Sustainability, Sustainability-Linked and Transition (GSS+) Bonds market.


To face the challenges posed by climate change and avoid more disastrous events, humanity urgently needs to reverse the current trajectory of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and economies need to adapt to the new changing environment. This will require enormous efforts, particularly from countries and entities with high emissions levels. They will have to reinvent or reimagine themselves by planning and implementing new pathways that incorporate GHG management, sustainability, and climate resilience at the core of their goals.

It is bearing in mind these circumstances that the transition concept has recently emerged. In broad terms, this concept refers to the change that countries and entities need to make from today’s high greenhouse gas emissions to levels commensurate with meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement. This is of course easy to say but challenging to implement given the tangle of co-benefits and trade-offs, and the difficulty in establishing measurable metrics that can determine a credible transition.

To contribute to the global efforts of the transition agenda, Climate Bonds has structured, in a thorough and robust manner, a capacity-building session which includes not only learning modules, but also case studies, interactive discussions, and exercises, to build skills in the market and prepare stakeholders working on transition topics. This training will provide participants with the opportunity to learn how large emitters, entities, activities, and assets can shift from today’s high GHG emissions to meet global goals and how the market is shaping the transition concept in a way that it could only be used to identify actors that are truly making credible and ambitious transitions.


Cognisant of the urgency and importance of the ‘transitions’ agenda, Climate Bond’s ‘Roadmap to a Credible and Ambitious Transition’ aims to provide an overview of the knowledge produced by our different teams and our in-house views on the topic with the objective of influencing action. It also aims at providing a good overview of the transition agenda which represents the work resulting from efforts coming from multiple experts that can guide the market towards a credible and ambitious transition.

Specifically, participants in the training programme can expect to acquire enough guiding elements to answer the following questions:

  • Why is climate transition urgent?
  • What is the market’s understanding of transition?
  • What does transition mean for each market player?
  • What are the 5 principles underpinning an ambitious and credible transition?
  • What are transition pathways?
  • What are transition plans?
  • What are the five hallmarks of a credible transition?
  • What are the key elements that determine compliance with the hallmarks of a credible transition?
  • What is the role of taxonomies in the transition space and the existing sector criteria supporting high-emitting industries?
  • How can the Climate Bonds Standard support the transition agenda?
  • What is the status quo of climate and sustainable investments?
  • What is transition finance?
  • How can thematic bonds support a transition?
  • What are use-of-proceeds and performance-linked instruments?
  • What is Climate Bond’s certification scheme and how is it supporting the transition agenda?


Climate Bond's ‘Roadmap to a Credible and Ambitious Transition’ programme is intended for professionals who have a certain level of awareness of the sustainable finance agenda and at least a basic grounding of fixed income markets. Due to the comprehensive nature of this programme, it is well suited to serve individuals who aim at broadening their knowledge on the transition space and sustainable finance worldwide including, but not limited to, investors, asset managers, research analysts, bond issuers & structures, sustainability teams, public sector officials, consultancies, external review service providers, legal teams, think tanks, academia, and many more.


  • Training format: 9 hours of content delivered online (Live Virtual via Zoom) in 3 sessions of 3 hours each (1 session per day)
  • Trainers: climate finance specialists will deliver the training
  • Participants: 25 is the suggested number of participants per training
  • Material: Climate Bonds Initiative provides participants with all training materials and presentations
  • Language: training materials and communication are in English
  • Certificate: participants who complete the full course are awarded a Climate Bonds Certificate
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